VP | creative director

“Driving in traffic shows the substance of a person. Driving involves strategy, creativity, risk-taking, courtesy, talent, quick responses, calm nerves, diplomacy, and speed… much like a career in advertising.”

Originally a transplant from the Boston area, Mark came to the stark realization that water is much more enjoyable when it’s washing up on a beach than when it’s frozen solid during a long winter. Trading in his skis for the beach and the creative world, he is a firm believer that good design needs some sense of anxiety, and well-applied sarcasm can work wonders for the English language. When it comes to the do vs. don’t list, it’s pretty simple: white space is good, any use of the typeface ‘Brush’, is very, very bad.


Addy Awards, Aster Awards, Cancer Awareness Awards, Hospital National Marketing Awards, Worcester Ad Club, Holland Awards [MA], Society of Newspaper Design Award of Excellence


Vesper George School of Art, Boston


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