We help you allocate your budget across all channels and media to ensure that your are reaching your audience.


Our integrated approach helps establish synergies, so that everything you do contributes to the overall success of your communications.


In today’s environment, metrics are crucial. We research your options thoroughly and monitor the performance and returns along the way.


We begin by exploring your universe of traditional and emerging media options to develop a mix that accomplishes your goals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.



In today’s competitive environment, there are many options. The upside of this is that there has never been a better time for negotiating. Whether it’s leveraging the power of frequency, or negotiating for better “pay per click” rates, opportunities abound to help you get the maximum impact and exposure from your budget.


Once your plan is set in motion, let BG handle the details. Our experienced media team will bring organization to the process and ensure flawless delivery of your story.

Contract Management

We monitor all phases of your media contract to ensure that any pertinent performance metrics are met or exceeded.


The three most important rules in media are “measure, measure, and measure.” Both before and after media placement, we carefully analyze every relevant metric. Our goal is to help you achieve maximum reach and exposure at minimal cost and to tie your media contracts to performance wherever possible.


We provide you with a full assessment of ROI on each major media by estimating costs per contact and an analysis of media placements that are tied to sales or specific actions.

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We help you identify user actions across your media spectrum to make sure that all of your media buys are working hard to move your customers toward a final desired outcome. This ensures the efficient integration of your media but drives results and responses to new heights.

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When a media buy does not perform as promised, we work on your behalf to secure any credits or reimbursements that are warranted.

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