Employee Spotlight Tracy Goodhue Promotion

BG is proud to announce the promotion of Tracy Goodhue to Senior Production & Traffic Manager. Over the past seven years, Tracy has played an instrumental role in the development and refinement of BG’s internal operations and vendor relations.

Better known as ‘Mission Control’, Tracy is responsible for the tactful management of agency workflow in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. With an average intake of 300 projects a month, Tracy interacts with roughly 15 projects a day and encounters each individual project about 6 times over its lifespan.

Acting as an intermediary between account managers and graphic designers, Tracy has perfected the art of wearing multiple hats. Her robust experience working with print and production partners ensures the prompt execution of project deliverables. She also provides additional graphic design support for the creative team by assisting with project overflow.

As a Senior Production & Traffic Manager, Tracy is a key leader in the integration of the agency’s newly adopted creative management system, utilizing an eco-friendly, paperless digital infrastructure. Accustomed to using both the analytic and creative sides of her mind, she has the knowledge and foresight to ensure the agency’s internal operations leverage the most advanced, innovative technologies in the industry.

Again, we are thrilled to share in Tracy’s continued success acting as the Central Hub for the agency. Congratulations, Tracy! We appreciate all that you do.

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