Case study: What brands can learn from the integrated Share a Coke campaign of 2013

In the summer of 2013, beverage giant Coca-Cola decided to take an approach that not many had seen before. Aiming to create a sense of inclusion and personality among their customers with a new campaign, Coca-Cola included a number of popular names on the bottles in place of the timeless logo.

I’m sure that many of us have heard of, seen, or purchased a Coke that included a name where the classic logo would normally be seen. Whether the bottle was wrapped in your name or the name of someone else, the personalization of a bottle to be shared with millions of people certainly leaves room for curiosity.

For instance, after you take a long sip, you may find yourself sitting there and wondering what the most unique name put out was, or what the odds are that someone with your name is enjoying a Coke in that very moment with you.

In the world of advertising, this can lead us to ask ourselves one BIG question. Are we engaging? Yes, advertising is all about engaging, I get it. I mean are we really engaging? Are we providing every single set of eyes and ears with an experience that warrants time spent listening, or watching? Are we allowing the opportunity created by our work to leave an impression worth remembering?

There is something to say about how much power was generated behind a campaign that did nothing more than allow people to identify with a brand that they’ve come to know and love. After all, isn’t that what we should always be aiming for?

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