BG Digital helps you develop compelling, innovative ways to leverage emerging technologies and media to tell your story.  Our dedicated team of specialists will craft a blend of industry-leading solutions to establish a strong online presence and ensure audiences can experience your brand anytime, anywhere.
Advanced Analytics
Our advanced digital analytic tools keep a pulse on campaign performance in real-time to succinctly measure pertinent data and keep performance on track.
Real-Time Reporting – Advanced analytic dashboards enable us to keep a pulse on campaign performance by measuring and dissecting data pertinent to achieving your unique business objectives. These dashboards can be customized to summarize all digital activity across multiple platforms and reporting time frames.
Search Engine Advertising
We help you capture prime prospects as they surf the Internet looking for your product or service on major search engine and partner sites. We maximize impressions, clicks, and conversions with pay-per-click campaigns to accomplish your unique marketing objectives.

We continually implement the most innovative online campaign and website enhancements to expand your Internet presence on all technology and platforms.

Social Media
Our team has the expertise to strategically place ads within or alongside news feeds on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.

By reaching the right audience at the right time, you can prompt your followers to action and successfully achieve your marketing bottom-line.
We employ industry Best Practices to develop organic consumer engagement by using paid advertising opportunities.

Bistrō Network
Our unique publishing platform, Bistrō, allows you to reach potential customers through interactive and engaging ads placed on high-traffic partner websites. Bistrō is equipped to generate all of our display content such as banners, mobile & tablet, native advertorials, rich media, and video.

How it Works


When running a digital promotion through online publishing networks, BG’s Bistrō platform keeps a pulse on campaign performance in real-time. Our digital team is able to audit vendors on your behalf to ensure your ads are properly placed and marketing budget is efficiently spent.


Leverage Bistrō to reach users at any moment through interactive and engaging ads placed on high-traffic, partner websites. Choose from several targeting options, such as location, device, and content categories, to ensure the most relevant audiences are viewing the ads. We have established partnerships with thousands of online networks providing an endless inventory of digital creative types.


Bistrō enables you and BG’s digital team to measure the success of campaigns through advanced analytics by monitoring and dissecting data pertinent to your unique business objectives in real time. It also utilizes historical data and third-party sources, such as Nielsen and ComScore, to benchmark campaign performance against industry benchmarks.


It is our continued focus to invest and implement the most advanced targeting technology to capture the attention of your core audience.
Email Marketing
We work with you to identify the best strategies for increasing brand awareness and loyalty, acquiring or retaining customers, and distributing promotional offers.
BG Digital lets you connect with users through email blasts and e-newsletters to promote your brand through a variety of tactics:

  1. Use lead generation strategies to build your customer database.
  2. Remarket to repeat purchasers.
  3. Place ads in subscribed e-newsletters directed to people already interested in your field of business.
  4. Send custom designed emails / newsletters with a clear message and call-to-action to your existing audience base.
  5. Promote custom display ads within content newsletters from 750+ top brands and publishers.
Reputation Management
As online reviews and feedback become more influential, it’s crucial to manage your reputation. We monitor the daily activity for a suite of social and online business pages.

BG Digital provides a comprehensive service to manage the daily social media activities that affect your brand. An all-inclusive social media plan will incorporate industry best practices for content marketing and reputation management to build an organic web presence and consistent digital footprint.


Whether it’s driving directions to the office, posting a customer review, or viewing a product photo, people can find your business at any time through the Google Business suite on Search, Maps, & Google+. Work closely with our digital team to claim and manage your online business pages to help customers find you easier on search engines and local listing applications. Ensure all business information is consistent and up-to-date, such as contact info, image galleries, services and more. Properly setup business address with location and mapping applications for people to access directions. Enhance SEO performance by using keywords from your website, PPC ads, and other digital mediums. Monitor customer reviews, comments, and questions by implementing 100% response rate within 24 hours. Remove any duplicate and fraudulent pages impersonating your brand. Analyze metrics and consumer insights across all listings to measure conversions.





We will also provide in-depth reporting and metric analysis to optimize and guide future initiatives via social media tools including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

Website Development
We follow a proven development process that organizes the workflow, ensures efficiency, and leads you to a final product that has the content, functionality, and flexibility you need.
We’ve helped our clients develop, maintain, and expand websites that are integral to their business. Our team of in-house designers and programmers can craft a responsive, visually engaging website that strategically aligns with your immediate marketing goals and captures the essence of your brand.