I opened my LinkedIn account recently and saw numerous congratulations on my 25th anniversary and I must admit I was surprised. 25 years! Could that be right? I did the math. Yes. I whispered a little prayer to Gina and started to reflect on the years.

When Gina Boner and I opened the doors to Boner & Associates Advertising, we were 2 women and 1 desk in the back corner of a friend’s real estate office. We had a single client and big dreams. And as I look back, I am comforted and humbled by our successes.

There are amazing memories and funny stories….tears and triumphs. Wonderful clients and all the dedicated media, printing and production firms we work with daily. But, most importantly, are my colleagues. The BEST DAMN TEAM! It’s not lost on me how much each and every one of you have defined who we are as a company. 

And so as I reminisce, I salute the BG’ers….all of you. Thank you for your commitment, your expertise, your spirit and your friendship.

You are the fabric of who we are and will yet become. And I can’t wait!