Dear Santa,

We hope this letter finds you jolly. As you already know, our agency can sympathize and appreciate your efforts trying to meet the fast approaching deadline. To make your job and the lives of your elves easier, we’re proposing to place ourselves on the ‘Nice’ list this year. Don’t worry… we checked twice.

We’re even providing visuals to bolster our pitch. Here you’ll witness an abundance of holiday spirit and joyous moments captured by the team. From festive events to holiday gift creations, we guarantee you won’t find a group more excited and proud to serve as ambassadors for your brand.

We thank you for your consideration, Saint Nick. Happy Holidays and Cheers! From your favorite satellite office.

P.S. One of our clients is running a promotion that needs to reach everyone in one night. Any chance we can wrap your sleigh with their campaign? Please have your elves send specs, as soon as possible.

P.P.S. Please bring JT a helmet for his hoverboard.